Welcome! We don’t have any cookies and we’re really sad about it.

This is what my friend, let’s call her April, said to me at the beginning of the week. April deals with feelings of depression and when I told her, “I just have no motivation, I’m super tired, and I want to eat all the time but also not eat because I have no motivation to make myself anything”. April gave me a high-five and said, “Welcome. We don’t have any cookies and we’re really sad about it”. This is why I love her because that’s totally what I was thinking. Like, I’m already feeling shitty, where the hell are the cookies?

Oh, Spongebob. The feeling is mutual.

This week has been packed full of lots and lots of stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. It didn’t help that my brother, fiance, and I traveled to North Carolina over the weekend for a wedding and the day after we came back was day light savings time. I slept all day Sunday and was so tired on Monday I thought my eyes were crossing. That and my eye started twitching. My eye twitches when I get super tired and stressed. It’s like I’m winking at everybody. On the plus side, I made two new friends. One the down side, my eye feels like it’s doing step aerobics.

An even bigger plus side is my cousin married her best friend. The wedding venue looked like Joanne Gaines from Fixer Upper came and threw up everywhere. It was beautiful.

During the ceremony, I noticed I missed an ENTIRE strip of hair on my leg while shaving. The hairs were about an inch long! Why did I wait so long to shave my legs ? Um, I live in PA, it is winter, and my fiance and I have been together for almost six years. Our idea of a sexy night together is playing a board game, and watching The Office or Friends. When we’re feeling frisky, we get out Monopoly. Gotta keep the fire going somehow.

Missed a spot!

I said to my cousin Kyle’s girlfriend “Damn it! I missed a spot!” She looked down and said, “Damn girl, you didn’t just miss a spot, that’s a whole landing strip”. She’s my new best friend.

I have to say, now that it is Friday, this week wasn’t so horrible. I am glad the weekend is here AND it’s super warm outside. But not warm enough for shorts which is good considering it is still the season of Chewbacca and I am on a shaving strike.

This is what I currently like look in a bikini.

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